Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little things impress me

So Elliot was sitting on the floor by the couch playing with a little sesame street toy. there's a little button that makes it sing a song, but you have to push pretty hard. E kept trying, but it wouldn't go, so I reached over with my foot and made it sing for him. when it stopped he tried to push it again, with no luck. So again I pressed with a toe. This time when it stopped he didn't push the button. He grabbed my foot and put it on the toy.

like i said, little things impress.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Unlocked and Loaded

I meant to blog about "The Baby" here, but somehow ended up on a spam watch-list. This interrupted, but did not completely dismantle my intentions.

So, for your information, I've come to the realization (under duress) that "The Baby" will continue to grow. Eventually he will not be a baby at all. So in an effort to prepare myself for the eventual grown-uppedness of said boy, I will henceforth call him Elliot.